From an animal that proudly carried us through wars, plowed fields, acted as a mode of transportation, to an animal that would take us to the highest level of competitive achievement.

They were with us through it all patient, forgiving, compassionate. Now in a shift of times  the horse has evolved  again to become our teacher.  Willingly they have stepped into a role as the teacher the healer,  to share with us  the secrets they have known for lifetimes.

Equine Facilitated Coaching

One on one Equine Facilitated Sessions designed specifically for you. We will meet with the horses who will assist in supporting you through activities to bring you into alignment with your journey.

Yoga For Riders

From competition to pleasure riding,we all look for a way to enhance our overall relationship with our horse. Yoga for Riders provides you with those additional tools to connect.

Horse Hikes

 In the world today it can be difficult to be present and slow down. As we will walk with the horses in a nature there is only one way to be, connected present. This is a healing experience that can open creativity, promote relaxation and an overall sense of well being.