Vivian Evans

Vivian began her journey with horses at a very young age, and was immersed in the competitive side of the equine world quite early on. She always knew there was something more to the horse-human relationship, and inspiration guided her into the exploration of every horse-related discipline she could possibly learn about.

For many years Vivian competed in show jumping as well as provided coaching, and natural horsemanship based training for young riders and horses. The show ring became like home, but one she didn’t feel she quite connected with, so she hung up the English saddle, and started to embark on a journey that she was destined to travel.

Her passion to uncover an even deeper language that the horses wished to share with us. This led her to many amazing places, meeting inspiring people and horses, and walking with the wild horses of the highland valley. Now bringing her life’s work into the public eye Vivian has created a way to accessibly view the wisdom of the horse.

Tania Barber

Tania is a lover of adventure and a student of magic.  She has amassed a collection of lived experiences on several continents in various people-centric careers.

Reaching a personal and professional cross road, it became evident that she needed to dismantle a set of beliefs that did not serve her best self. She imagined a new path for her life and emerged as a Certified Martha Beck Coach. This wife, mother and animal lover is a living testament to the incredible tools she acquired not only through education but through application. What served as a life line for her, she now wants to share with the world.

Passionate about helping others create meaningful, abundant and joyful lives filled with magic, Tania uses her intuitive gifts to guide others towards their own inner compass. She wants nothing more than to see her clients live their best lives by becoming the most authentic versions of themselves.

The Horses


In his powerful presence Bud is kind and sensitive, lovingly referred to as the guardian.  He is a 15 year old Gypsy Vanner crossed with Shire, magical in all ways.


With his exceptionally playful personality Scout will make you laugh, he loves to be with people. Scout is a 16-year-old quarter horse, our joker.


Like his name says Romeo plays the stallion role in the herd, he is wise and strong supporting you by asking you to step into your leadership role. A Belgian x he is about 16 years old.